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For questions related to this RMA, please email us or call your local APA branch (contact information here)

Return Policies and Procedures

General :

  • APA reserves the right to have any and all product(s) to be returned for exchange or credit by the client/buyer inspected and verified by an APA Technician prior to any final decision being determined.
  • All authorized credits will be equal to the original invoiced amount for the returned product(s), if the product(s) returned for credit were shipped prepaid on the original invoice, then these fees will be deducted from the aforementioned credit as well as any restocking fees if applicable.
  • No returns will be accepted for damaged products due to client/buyer misuse and/or improper installation causing premature product failure.
  • All products with an expiration date that has expired will not be accepted as returnable product(s). (Ex: Batteries)
  • No returns will be accepted for all product(s) where the manufacturer's seal has been broken or visibly tampered with as in the case with DVD's, software, etc.
  • RMA: No returns will be accepted without a Return Authorization Number (RMA), which is available upon request by phone, email or in person through a representative in the Returns Department. This number must appear on the packaging of the returned product(s) and not on the product(s) carton or on the product(s) itself.
  • The customer is responsible for all shipping costs on returns to APA or to the manufacturer if required, unless the shipping error is the fault of APA.
  • Returned products must include all peripherals, all instructions and original packaging. The original box must be free of any marks or written notes. In the case of electronic products, all devices and associated equipment, provided in the original packaging must be included.
  • To obtain a RMA number the following information is required:
    1. The model number (APA or manufacturer) and the quantity of the product.
    2. The serial number(s) of the product(s) where applicable.
    3. Invoice number and date of purchase.
    4. Customer name and contact information.
    5. Account number of the customer.
    6. Detailed reason for return.

A) Returns for Credit - Unused Inventory Product(s).

  • APA may, at its discretion, accept a return for credit for unused product(s) in its original packaging and in excellent condition, which can be resold as new.
  • The product(s) must have been purchased new within thirty (30) days prior to the return date.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to provide proof of purchase made within thirty (30) days prior, as well as the method of payment.

B) Returns for Credit of Unused Non Stocked Product(s).

  • Special orders items or non stock items are non-refundable but could be returned however subject to a restocking fee at the discretion of APA and the manufacturer.
  • For non-returnable product(s) specific to the client/buyer, no return privileges apply and therefore are considered a "Final Sale", likewise any product(s) where the manufacturers seal has been broken or visibly tampered with as in the case with DVD's, software, etc.

C) Defective Products, Replacement and Exchange Policy.

  • Any product(s) initially defective can be replaced by a new product(s) without charge to the customer/buyer in accordance with the policy of the manufacturer or, as per the discretion of APA, be returned for credit although Manufacturers Policies may vary. APA will return the product(s) to the manufacturer at the customer's expense. If the manufacturer determines that the product(s) is not defective or otherwise new, the customer must repay APA all costs related to substitute product(s) already given or, if necessary, to repay the credit(s) already granted.

D) Repairs to Out of Warranty Product(s).

  • As a service provided to and on behalf of the client/buyer, the distributor (APA) will ship/return the product(s) for warranty or other service to the appropriate OEM manufacturer which in the event any repair, shipping or handling costs will be passed on to the client/buyer. Prior to any repairs a written quote will be provided to the client/buyer and a written approval will be required from such client/buyer to the distributor (APA). Once the approval is received, any and all repairs will be carried out.

E) Restocking Fees.

  • Restocking fee(s) will be calculated based upon the following, minimum of 30% of original invoiced cost of product(s). In cases of special orders, the restocking fee(s) will be applied as per the manufacturer's instruction if it exceeds 30%.